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Indicative rates / transfer fees

  AdvCash EPAY Lavapay STP Payza BTC OK Pay PM Payeer Neteller BU OST
AdvCash  2%3%0%1%7%2%3%2%6%21,10 CZK6%
EPAY 1% 3%2%2%7%1%3%4%6%21,10 CZK6%
Lavapay 4%4% 4%4%7%4%4%4%6%20,00 CZK6%
STP 4%4%3% 4%7%4%5%5%6%20,00 CZK6%
Payza 7%7%7%7% 7%7%7%7%7%20,00 CZK7%
BTC 4%3%3%1%1% 5%5%3%6%339000,00 CZK6%
OK Pay 1%2%3%1%1%7% 5%4%6%21,10 CZK6%
PM 1%1%3%1%1%7%0% 1%6%21,10 CZK6%
Payeer 1%1%1%1%1%7%1%3% 2%21,10 CZK6%
Neteller 7%7%7%7%7%7%7%7%7% 21,10 CZK6%
BU 22,50 CZK23,10 CZK23,20 CZK23,20 CZK24,00 CZK390000,00 CZK23,40 CZK23,50 CZK23,20 CZK22,90 CZK 6%
OST 6%6%6%6%6%7%6%6%6%6%6% 

The courses listed in the following table are indicative. The final price and the rate are always agreed and agreed upon by both parties within the chat. We work with PM, STP, UKash, Payza, BTC, Epay, AdvancedCash, Skrill, Paxum, OKpay, Payeer, Neteller, LavaPay, Uquid, Paysera, BTC and PayPal.

When you can reach us on the online chat?

  •   online 14.12.2017 09:00 - 15:00 AND 18:00 - 23:00 CET
  •   online 15.12.2017 17:00 - 23:00 CET
  •   online 16.12.2017 17:00 - 23:00 CET
  •   online 17.12.2017 17:00 - 23:00 CET


Dear customers,
welcome to This web portal is devoted to electronic payment systems (e-currencies) and exchanges between them.  Due to increasing number of exchanges, it was no longer possible to keep all communication within the mail and facebook so it was necessary to create a platform to simplify the whole process. Everything is now accelerated and centralized on portal, which provides simple and intuitive user interface.  We are currently undergoing certification process by payment systems. Certification has already been completed for perfectmoney ( We firmly believe that it will accelerate and improve services for all customers. 

In order to accelerate exchanges we accept payments to 9 banks in Czech Republic: Komerční banka, Česká spořitelna, Air Bank, Fio, mBank, UniCredit Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Zuno, Equa bank, mBank and CS. Exchange can be made between e-wallets, from e-wallet to bank and vice versa (from bank to e-wallet). We suggest reading FAQ before the first exchange.   

Indicative exchange rates and prices are listed in the following table (final fees are always agreed in the chat). All fees are deducted from net pay (!). The first column on the left side means "FROM". The first line means "TO". Our main currency on e-wallets (STP, Payza, OK Pay, PM, Paxum, Payeer, Netteler, PayPal and Skrill) is USD. So if you want EUR you need to buy the appropriate amount of USD and then exchange on e-wallet. Finally, please note that we do not accept payments to PayPal, we are only selling PayPal.

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Phone: (SMS) 420 604 245 356

IČO: 03374025
DIČ: CZ8508024558
Web: Smenarna Online

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